Company Overview

First Line Data is the preeminent provider of business analytic reports used by wholesale lenders, mortgage bankers and warehouse lenders to screen their business applicants. In addition, we provide lenders and other businesses with identity, income, and employment verification reports used for loan quality assurance and applicant screening purposes.

With more than 15 years of experience in offering companies the most advanced, precise information needed to make smart business decisions and prevent financial loss, First Line Data has the expertise to provide real value to your organization.

Innovative Information Verification Reports

Our innovative information verification reports are used to screen third party mortgage originating companies, correspondents, warehouse line applicants, closing agents, and appraisers in the mortgage industry.  The foundation of our reports is the breadth of information topics covered and the enhanced verification techniques we use to ensure the highest quality of information available.

Reducing Risk

Reducing the monetary, regulatory and reputational risk of businesses and institutions is what drives our innovation and service philosophy. By utilizing proprietary technology and enhanced information verification research, we maximize the content and accuracy of information relied upon by institutions seeking to reduce fraud losses. We currently serve mortgage lenders and banking institutions. We provide broad scope of accurate information verification reports ranging from SSN, income, employment, background information and much more.