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First Line Data Offers New Loan Officer Screening Report

September 20, 2012

Through its FCRA compliant platform, First Line Data now offers lenders a new pre-employment report to effectively screen loan officers prior to hiring.

Leading business analytics provider and mortgage broker screening pioneer First Line Data has created a unique pre-employment screening report to assist lenders in expanding their risk management procedures to include thorough vetting of loan officers prior to hiring them to originate loans. The Know Your Loan Officer report incorporates Patriot Act, Sex Offender, Criminal Record, and Professional Licensing verifications along with the Excluded Parties List Search and the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFEIC) Search.

“Existing customers for our third party fraud prevention reports can now easily bolster their fraud prevention activities by accessing our background screening platform and ordering a customized pre-employment report designed for them”, said Kellan Flynn, Director of Operations for First Line Data. “Besides reviewing third party originators, lenders now have an effective means of screening their own loan officer employees or independent contractors.”

For administrative and other employees, First Line Data offers the Know Your Employee Report.

Mr. Flynn added, “Lenders can take advantage of discounted packages we offer clients using both our third party screening reports and our loan officer or pre-employment screening reports. We want to make it easy for our clients to turn to a single provider for effective screening of both companies and individuals.”

For more information about the Know Your Loan Officer report and other reports, visit the First Line Data reports section.

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First Line Data, a leading national provider of business analytic reports to the mortgage industry, offering customized fraud prevention reports for screening third party originators (TPOs), correspondents, warehouse line applicants, closing agents, real estate appraisers, loan officers, and more. The company’s loan quality assurance services include verification reports for borrower identity, income, and employment verification. First Line Data draws on over 12 years of experience to make powerful risk-reducing reports accessible to its customers through a one-stop provider. For more information, visit About Us.

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