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CBSV SSN Verification Helps Lenders Verify Borrowers

June 20, 2013

National mortgage fraud prevention company, First Line Data, is now providing lenders with the SSA’s Consent Based Social Verification (CBSV) to augment the existing fraud prevention services they receive through the company.  The SSN Direct-Verify, can be ordered from the clients’ existing web platform with First Line Data by uploading form SSA-89.  Results directly from the SSA are delivered in a easy to read PDF format and provide definitive matching information of the SSN to the borrower name. This differs from similar identity reports that are relying credit repository data.

“The CBSV SSN Direct-Verify can be ordered at the same time customers order their IRS Direct-Verify income verification reports. Additionally, customers that utilize us for other fraud prevention reports such as the Mortgage Broker Insight Report or Closing Agent Insight Report, are able to save with the bundled pricing” said Director of Operations, Kellan Flynn.

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First Line Data, is a leading national provider of business analytic reports to the mortgage industry, offering customized fraud prevention reports for screening third party originators (TPOs), correspondents, warehouse line applicants, closing agents, real estate appraisers, loan officers, and more. The company’s loan quality assurance services include verification reports for borrower identity, income, and employment verification. First Line Data draws on more than 17 years of experience to make powerful and reliable risk-reducing reports accessible to its customers through its one-stop service. For more information, visit About Us.

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