Health Care

Protect your Patients, Staff and Community

Providing a safe, secure environment in a health care facility is of paramount importance.
First Line Data offers pre-employment and background screening services designed to provide a safe work environment and reduce turnover rate. Our secure web based platform allows clients to select any of their pre-defined report types, giving them flexibility to order the verifications they need.

Our services for the health care industry include:

Health Care Sanction Search
The Department of Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General maintains a list of health care providers, both companies and individuals who are excluded from doing health-related business in the United States. First Line provides search results to ensure no one with whom you are conducting business is included.

Federal Criminal Research
Violations of Federal Law will not be found in county records. The location of the information depends upon jurisdiction and where the charge was filed. The federal court system is organized by districts, and is searched similarly to county records. Unlike county courts, federal records can be searched statewide or nationwide.

Multi-State Criminal and Sex Offender Database Check
First Line Data now offers a Multi-State Criminal Search, which provides the speed of a database criminal search with the scope that goes beyond a single state. This is not a “national” search. Not all states provide access to all levels of the criminal records held in the state’s repository. Jurisdictions at all levels (county, state, federal) are sometimes months or years behind in posting criminal records or changes. It is wise to utilize this type of research as either preliminary or backup research to actual county searches.

Statewide Criminal Database Checks
Some states maintain repositories of criminal information submitted by the county courts and local law enforcement authorities in that state. HHS/OIG, and other regulatory bodies often require that these be checked for certain positions. First Line Data conducts these searches as well, but does not recommend them for primary source information.

Professional License and Certification Verification
First Line Data research specialists verify the license credentials at the primary source. We verify hundreds of licenses each week in all states, as well as national certifications. Verifications reflect status and standing, and dates if available.

Employment Verification
Researchers contact current and previous employers to verify information provided by the applicant. Information beyond dates and title are queried, including termination type, reason for termination, wage at termination, and eligibility for rehire.

Education Verification
First Line Data calls to confirm both degrees/certificates and dates of attendance supplied by the applicant. Some institutions may either require a written release, or utilize pay-for-use services.

Social Security Number Verification
Applicant’s supplied SSN is validated, directly through the Social Security Administration (SSA), bypassing all third parties. Results are available within minutes.

Previous Address Locator
This verification utilizes major credit source ‘header’ information to identify the individual, previous addresses, maiden names, and aliases, providing a valuable tool in determining criminal record search parameters.