Our Reports

Compliance – Third Party Review Reports

Lenders establishing relationships with other companies to originate loans (or provide other revenue enhancing services) on their behalf take on a large amount of risk. Our fraud prevention reports help lenders mitigate the risk of financial loss due to misrepresentation.

First Line Data provides comprehensive third party point-of-approval verification reports for the nation’s mortgage lenders and warehouse lenders screening mortgage bankers. In addition, we offer related reporting products on businesses classified as “mortgage insiders” such as closing agents and appraisers. Our verification reports also serve as business approval tools for construction lending and finance companies.

Loan Officer & Employee Screening

As losses associated with misrepresentation continue to rise across all industries, employers and non-profits need to have comprehensive screening policies in place. For the policies to be effective organizations must use a reliable source for comprehensive background screening and investigations.

Through First Line Data’s advanced FCRA compliant platform, we provide employers and non-profits, customizable background screening reports on their applicants. Verified credentials, identity, criminal records, employment and many other data points provide the validation and red-flagged information needed to make the right choice.