Identity Insight

As part of borrower risk mitigation, the Identity Insight report provides mortgage lenders real-time identity verification and residence address history of the borrower. The Identity Insight can be used to validate identity information for the existence of red flags that warrant further investigation or official SSN verification from the Social Security Administration via First Line Data’s SSN Direct-Verify Report.

Clients have the ability to receive reports instantly from our secure platform or upload batch orders and retrieve batched reports within 24 hours.


  • DOB verification
  • Name verification
  • SSN verification* (validation of SSN year and state/territory of issuance, cross-check against SSA Death Master File, name verification, associated AKAs and residence history)

*SSA Direct-Verify is available if further investigation is required


  • Fraud detection
  • Identify negative risk factors
  • Improve loan quality for investors
  • Make a well-informed business partner decision
  • Streamline borrower authentication process