Know Your Loan Officer

Now, lenders have the proper analytic tool to review the background of loan officers prior to bringing them into the organization. In addition to identity, criminal, employment, and education research, this unique background screening report offers key mortgage related verifications and can be ordered from our FCRA compliant platform.


  • Patriot Act Super Search (OFAC + over 24 domestic and international watch lists, sanctions lists, most-wanted lists)
  • EPLS research
  • FFEIC sanction search
  • Nationwide sex offender search
  • Federal criminal research
  • Statewide criminal database checks
  • State professional license verification
  • NMLS registration verification
  • HUD LDP search
  • Employment verification
  • Education verification
  • Social Security Number verification
  • Previous address locator


  • Fraud detection
  • Increase automation efficiency
  • Make well-informed hiring decisions
  • Increase quality of loan submissions
  • Mitigate workplace risk
  • Reduce liability risk
  • Reduce reputational risk
  • Protect financial assets
  • Protect human assets
  • Reduce mortgage fraud potential