Mortgage Broker Insight Report

Effective verification of a third party mortgage originator prior to loan origination can improve asset protection and reduce reputational risk. The comprehensive nature of the Mortgage Broker Insight Report makes it a cost-effective screening tool for lenders. Using enhanced verification technology, First Line Data compiles regulatory, referential, identity and public record information from multiple sources to ensure thoroughness and accuracy.


  • Credential and identity verification on owners
  • Governmental agencies watchlist searches on company and owners
  • Multi-state license and NMLS verification
  • Civil record searches
  • Criminal records searches
  • Lender reference verification


  • Easy to read/understand presentation
  • Impartial and objective research by verification experts
  • Effective due diligence documentation
  • No “blank spot” or ambiguous data
  • Flagging of application discrepancies and derogatory findings