Warehouse Line Insight Report

Vetting a warehouse line applicant can be a daunting task to attempt in-house and most outsourcing companies fall short of the necessary level of verification. We provide warehouse lenders with a complete and thorough review of the company and its owners. The Warehouse Line Insight Report combines all of the verification research available inĀ Correspondent Insight with additional valuable background information needed to effectively screen companies given underwriting authority.


  • Credential and identity verification on owners
  • Governmental agencies watchlist searches on company and owners
  • Multi-state license and NMLS verification
  • Civil record searches
  • Federal district, county, nationwide criminal records searches
  • Lender reference verification
  • Warehouse line verification
  • Professional liability coverage verification
  • Uniform Commercial Code filings
  • Business credit information
  • Businesses affiliated with owners


  • Easy to read/understand presentation
  • Impartial and objective research by verification experts
  • Effective due diligence documentation
  • No “blank spot” or ambiguous data
  • Flagging of application discrepancies and derogatory findings