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Trust First Line Data for the data to move your business forward faster

Compliance monitoring is a serious responsibility, especially today. For over 18 years, First Line Data has been  at the forefront of comprehensive, independent employee and company data checking and verification

Our reports are clear and easy to interpret so you can act quickly and knowledgeably. Plus, our clients love how fast our compliance monitoring happens so they can focus on their growing business.

With genuine independent status our high quality data comes from the most reliable and current information available. Our experts analyze your requirements and then check company data with those parameters. We then quickly establish reports that fit your needs, and schedule.

First Line Data’s best in class model is built on 3 key concepts:


Rely on First Line Data to get you the best available information on which to base your client and vendor approval decisions. We leave no stone unturned in getting you the best possible verified information.


Our clients love how fast we make things happen. You can focus on moving your business forward while First Line Data quickly and efficiently handles the reports, safe in the knowledge that you are saving many hours of professional time and resources. Plus, our compliance monitoring reports are clear and easy to interpret making it easy to for you to act quickly and knowledgeably. These speed and efficiency gains give you an advantage in moving your business forward faster.


First Line Data is genuinely independent and our high quality company data comes from reliable and most current information available. Our primary relationship and priority is with you, the client, and we use best-in-industry methods to give you premium verification reports.

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