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Make decisions with confidence

Our in-depth company verification reports and employee background checks pull the most current information available from all the relevant sources to make your decisions a breeze. View the full infographic on our background checks and company verification reports to get details on all the knowledge we can put in your hands.


Lending Channels

You need a verified company that will protect your assets and reputation while growing lending channels and loan production, not hindering it.

Look no further. We are the premier company verification report provider, offering decision-making insights on all types of lending channels

We give you back the control and provide all of the essential information you need for initial approval, re-certification, and monitoring of warehouse applicants, correspondents, and brokers.

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Settlement agents

The most common fraud being committed within the mortgage industry today is during the closing process, wire fraud.

Confirming the reliability of your settlement agents, closing agents, attorneys and title companies is imperative. You can rely on our company to provide that peace of mind through our closing specific verifications and extensive background screening. We leave no stone unturned.

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Vendor Management

Regulatory requirements have effectively made vendors and extension of your own organization.

When reviewing vendors to support your business, you need a thorough report that delivers meaningful, current information that is relevant to accurate vendor approval decisions. Combat fraud and uncover facts about your business partners and vendors.

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Loan Officers & Employees

Controlling the quality of your loans begins with proper vetting of loan officers and and employees

Regulatory agencies require that lenders conduct complete pre-hire screening and annual screening of their loan officers and operations employees. We have the expertise and research experience to provide those all-inclusive reports for you in a short time frame.

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Income & Identity


IRS Direct-Verify helps you streamline the 4506-T verification process. By managing and tracking the process for you, we make verifying income with the IRS fast and efficient.


The need for certainty cannot be overstated when it comes to SSN verification. Using our direct Consent Based Social Security Number Verification (CBSV) channel with the Social Security Administration (SSA), we are able to provide SSN verification and validation directly from the SSA.

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