Make Hiring Decisions with Confidence

Loan Officer and Mortgage Employee Screening Reports allow you to staff your business with people you trust

Screening the individuals responsible for originating loans as well as other mortgage employees in your organization is a critical component to your overall quality control and loan production. Our industry-best reports check your loan officers against industry sanctions, criminal records and licensing lists.

We also offer an annual monitoring report that allows our clients to re-run all of the verifications and searches to ensure that their Loan Officers are remaining compliant.

Loan Officer Verification Coverage Areas

Our loan officer and mortgage employee screening reports cover 3 major areas of Verification Data, and can be customized to meet your specific requirements:

Actionable Results

  • Clear, actionable presentation of results
  • Impartial and objective research by verification experts
  • Effective due diligence documentation
  • No “blank spot” or ambiguous data
  • Flagging of application discrepancies and derogatory findings
  • Repeatable, auditable format for all compliance needs
  • FCRA compliant reports
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